Portable Cabins

We are here to offer you with the wide range of Portable Cabins which are portable building, or transportable buildings, which are designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. These cabins are constructed with a steel outer wall, steel roof and galvanised steel floor frame. The walls are injected with foam insulation to give them a high thermal efficiency. Portable Cabins are available in some varieties such as Porta Cabin, Puf Cabin, Bunk Houses, Portable Cabin, Guards Room Structure, Security Room, and Guard Huts. These cabins will arrive and be set up in a matter of hours, making mammoth tasks, easier to perform. 

Guards Room Structure

Prefab, Easily Assembled,Eco Friendly,
Price: 600 INR/Square Meter

Portable Cabin

Easily Assembled , Prefab, Guard Room Cabin
Price: 600 INR/Square Foot

Puf Cabin

Easily Assembled, Eco Friendly, Light Weight,
Price: 600 INR/Square Foot

Bunk Houses

Office Container, Prefab
Price: 600 INR/Square Foot

Security Room

Prefab, Easily Assembled
Price: 600 INR/Square Foot

Guard Huts

Easily Assembled, Prefab
Price: 600 INR/Square Foot